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Agricultural mulch or bed sheet are produced by the factory with many different types of films, width from 0.7m to 2m, packed in rolls, standard length 400m / roll. Film has a standard thickness of 14 mic, can be used 2 short crops, from 4-6 months under normal conditions. There is also a special 30 mic thick film, used from 4 crops, equivalent to 12 months or more.


  • Advantages:

    In terms of technical properties, the film is made of virgin raw materials (zin), with added UV-sunscreen particles used in the plastic industry, so it is tough and minimizes the influence of the sun. Because it has a reflective Silver on one side, the membrane is reflective and diffuses sunlight, giving light an even impact on fruits and vegetables, which can promote their sweetness and color. In addition, thanks to the efficiency of diffuse reflection, the prevention of pests is also effective, contributing to reducing the number of insecticide sprays. Keep the soil moist, save water for irrigation and labor.

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