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Currently, fruit wraps (or bags) are widely used in agriculture to effectively prevent insect attacks (fruit borer, butterfly, stink bug, ...) from attacking the bark of fruit, copper. while also hindering the spread of pathogens, helping fruits to be harvested beautiful, eye-catching and with ripe quality while ensuring the effect of creating metabolic ventilation between fruit and the environment.


  • The use of the fruit cover helps to limit environmental impacts such as rain, scratching or pigmentation due to too much sun, limiting pests to nest eggs on fruits such as yellow flies, red spiders, hemorrhoids. aphids, aphids, ... cause deformation of the fruit, rough skin, losing the aesthetics and value of the fruit. In addition, the fruit wrap helps to limit the amount of pesticides such as toxic pesticides used on the fruit; protect environment and users. Gives fruit a more beautiful and shiny color than without a bag of fruit wrap

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