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LD PE film reel is manufactured from virgin plastic resin so it is of high quality. Very chewy and sticky. Characterized by transparent, odorless, thin, soft, multidimensional elastic, high adhesion, not allowing liquid to pass through - In a short time can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees C - When in contact with the substance cleaning PE film is susceptible to brittleness


  • Uses of LD PE film roll: - Used to wrap goods, electronic components, electronic plugs during transportation and storage, especially for packing export goods. - LD PE film roll protects the product, ensures the goods are still intact, prevents dust, water and other agents from harming from outside - With the mechanism of adhering to the material surface, preventing In contact with the air, the LD PE film used to wrap metal products helps to completely protect the materials from the effects of time such as oxidation, corrosion, peeling, yellowing, ...

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